Problem: Industrial construction, maintenance and turnaround projects that end the way they
were planned are the exception. A successful project doesn't have to be elusive.

    Typical "Problem Child Project" Symptoms:

    Poor productivity
    Increase in injuries, near misses, equipment and property damage events
    Poor schedule compliance
    Inaccurate schedule updates
    Material shortages/reorders
    Quality busts, requiring rework that pushes the schedule yet farther
    Punch lists that continue to grow
    Attempts to "buy time" through unnecessary RFIs and FCOs.
    Change order requests that should have been part of the original scope.
    Manning levels that don't support the scheduled work
    Workforce attrition impacting manning levels
    Poor communication/coordination between shifts and crafts
    Density issues preventing scheduled work
    Ineffective HSE related documentation (JSA {or equivalent}, Lift Analysis, Permitting violations, etc.)
    Poor plan for mobilization/demobilization leading to increased cost and/or depressed margins
    Inevitable late delivery vs plan

The Result:

   Injuries and property damage
   Owner/contractor relationship damage, affecting the project environment
   Potential liquidated damages
   Morale damaged with workforce leading to attrition
   Loss of focus on the daily tasks at hand, leading to inattention and potential incidents
   Supervision time expended addressing avoidable problems rather than ensuring a safe, quality job
   Damage to contractor reputation in the industry with potential customers and the work force
   Potential significant Owner cost over runs and/or negatively-affected Contractor profit/loss results

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